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Attention - Counterfeit Alert

Fobus Holsters has become aware of several counterfeit offerings of the Fobus Holster and magazine pouch. These counterfeit products are produced in China, and distributed throughout the US, and manufactured to look exactly like a Standard GL2 Fobus Holster. The appearance between the genuine Fobus Holster products and the counterfeits is nearly unapparent, including replications of registered trademarks and patent numbers.

These counterfeit items are NOT suitable for use with actual firearms!

To assist in identifying a counterfeit product, you should look for the following:
  • Does it say MADE IN ISRAEL? If not then it is a counterfeit holster and should not be used. ALL FOBUS HOLSTERS ARE MADE IN ISRAEL.
  • Non-close fitting. The counterfeit holsters protrude from the body and do not sit close to the hip as an authentic Fobus Holsters does.
  • A polymer spacer placed between the front and back portions of the holster. This removes all tension.
  • The metal rivet reinforcement strip lacking "FOBUS".
  • RH will be stamped before the item number. Fobus does not do this.
Fobus Holster trademarks, patents, and many of the product designs are protected by registration. Fobus Holster is dedicated to protecting the company, products and customers safety and will use all available and appropriate legal means, against any other persons found to be dealing in counterfeits of our goods.
DO NOT USE counterfeit Fobus Holsters, injury or death could arise due to inferior construction and materials.


Chinese Fobus

Plastic Spacer in Holster Body, no "MADE IN ISRAEL" marking on paddle, RH stamp where otherwise not stamped, incorrect placement of star.

No "FOBUS" stamping on metal reinforcement strip

No "MADE IN ISRAEL" marking under PAT.PEND. on right side of holster.

Holster showing extreme protrusion from paddle.